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DeWalt DW618 Router Is Sparking....Time For New Brushes ?

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My DeWalt DW618 is sparking. I have read that a little sparking is normal. Is there a way to tell if there is too much sparking and the brushes should be replaced? I suppose that I could open it up and just check the brushes but once inside probably should replace them anyway.
Best source to buy brushes? Any good youtube videos on the process?
Thank You.
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How old is the router, Jim?

Replacing the brushes should be part of normal maintenance over a period of time. (not that I have, :()...

Can you just remove the brushes to check without opening it up. I know yo can on the Triton?
I've had the router for about 15 years but I'm pretty much a week-end user so not a ton of time on it.
Ereplacement parts web site has a video. Just 4 screws to remove the top of the router and a coil spring holding in each brush. Pretty easy to check the brushes and clean things.
Thank You for responding.
Video with considerable talking, but finally gets it done. surely has them. If you're using it on a CNC, I'd defnitely get a spare set. Not much to it.
Ereplacementparts has a video too showing how to do it on my router. I don't have a CNC.
Thank You for taking the time to post.
The brushes had about 3/4" on each one. BUT the Magnet Ring was broken. I've ordered a new one. Have to remove a bearing to install the Magnet Ring. Might damage the bearing so I'll probably end up getting a new bearing.
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Problem is I only found a couple of pieces of the Magnet Ring which is a little less than half the ring. Gotta try and find the rest of it. I'm wondering if, being a magnet, the rest of the pieces have attached themselves elsewhere inside the router casing.
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I guess it could even be pulverized. The most magnetically attractive parts would probably be around the armature. (might be like a blender in there when running) I hope it didn't cause other damage. Comments at ereplacementparts mention it's fairly common and how to fasten the replacement (Loctite).
The repair comments were from users. Some of the repair videos are done by Ereplacement but not for the Magnet Ring. Couldn't find any 'official' info on the Magnet Rings.
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