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I have an older dewalt dw733 12 1/2" thickness planner it has started skipping and jerking when you send a board through it even with a super light pass. I cleaned the rollers and waxed the bed but it is still jumping and skipping. I checked the roller drive chains and sprockets they look good. I ran it with the cover off and the roller drive chains jump real bad when it skips but they are not skipping the sprockets. I was wondering if anyone else may have had this problem and what the solution might be. I am wondering if it might be a broken gear inside the motor.

I had 734 that went gunny sack last spring due to my shop being drenched when a tornado took part of the roof off of the shop. The remedy was to buy a 735 which is a real improvement over the 734 model. I'm not trying to be cute though it may sound like it, I am saying that if it comes to having to buy a new planer, you wure will be happy with the 735.

Wish I could help you with the problem that you have described, you might need to get it to a Dewalt Repair Center. Let us know what you finally find out and/do with the tool.

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