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hi everybody. I need some help, I hope someone can help me, I bought a dewalt router Dw 618. I haven't used it yet at the workshop but before cutting wood I decided to make a test so I ran the router with no bit installed and I let it go for about 5 minutes after this short time the motor and collet were too hot. I mean too hot to touch, is not the normal warm. I made the test with three different routers that I own, ryobi and makita and they get the normal warm but not to burn you. the dewalt does not smell like burn and works good. but I think that if used .it will burn. my question is; when you router was new, does anyone had the same trouble of hot motor and collet, how do you solved it? or do you think after several uses the burn issues will dissapear? help please, recomendattions before take it to tech support, cause I wouldn't like an open surgery on a brand new tool


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