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Dewalt scroll saw

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I've had a Dewalt scroll saw for 15 years. Everytime i think about using it, I can't find it. It's usually buried in or around something so I pass and use another tool.

I'm thinking if I build a stand I won't be able to load junk on top or bury it where I can't did it. I saw this stand. Any better options? Blade options as well. I'm out of blades..
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I'm considering adding extensions to the sides of my DeWalt saw, likely at the top of the stand, to provide places for my frequently used tools, the container with the blades that I'm presently using, etc. With the saw and top of the table tilted forward, this is going to require a unique design, because I don't want these extensions to be tilted, since everything on them would end up sliding to the front, and from there likely to the floor. These items are presently on the top of a tool cart located just to the right of my saw, but so much is there that what I need always seems to be behind other stuff and hard to find. I want them easier to find and better organized, so I can get each of them from their same exact position every time without needing to even take my eyes off the cut to get the tool that I want. I guess that already you are realizing that I've put quite a bit of thought into this.

For instance, I keep a couple of 1/8" X 6" dowels with both ends sharpened in a pencil sharpener. These get used to hold down small areas of patterns that begin to lift from glue failure as I'm making the cut. I also use these to push out pieces that are cut free, but won't fall out on their own, like the wood between the legs and antlers of my little 3D reindeer. Long round things like these frequently, and without thinking, end up like pencils in my shirt pocket and I'm trying to break this habit.

I also keep a couple of unsharpened pencils nearby so I can use the eraser ends as "push sticks" when cutting very tiny work, because my fingers are so big that they can obscure my view. It doesn't hurt me when I cut into a pencil eraser either. These also seem to keep ending up in my shirt pocket and I want to break this habit.

A pair of long tiny ended electronics needle nose pliers for getting to and pulling out broken pieces of blades. A good pair of locking surgical foresips, so I can grab and lock onto the end of #0 and smaller scroll saw blade when needing to feed them through holes in the workpieces. Again, because my fingers are too big for this work.

My small block of paraffin wax to lube the blade with.

My small mirror to see the via holes in the work from the under side for threading the blade up through.

A penlight flashlight to use for inspection purposes or checking to see if via holes are clear of debris.

And I'm sure other things that I'm not thinking of.

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I'm trying to think but without dedicated use its hard go understand needs just yet.

I have no problem making it the way I want but what do I want?

The Dewalt actually has a blower on top. This will be eliminated but tgeclight they offer I'll probably buy..
I finally dug it out today. Its 8" tall.i think I'm going to look at building something that will expand from 22-24" to 34-36" tall...
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So with a temporary shop setup, it begins..
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