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Dialing in Dewalt 717 Miter saw with 5 cut method.

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Hi Guys,

I am really struggling with this saw and I am wondering if anyone has any ideas. I am using a very good blade a Forest Miter Master. Miter Master Saw Blade for the Ultimate in Miter Cuts :: 10" Miter Master Saw Blade for Wood - 100 Teeth - Forrest Saw Blades: Quality Saw Blades & Dados

This saw blade has a .105" Kerf. It appears completely flat and I have cleaned the blade recently of any pitch.

When I cut a board in half and measure the amount of wood removed by the saw blade it is .0112" near the fence and at the other end of the board it is 0.1035". The board is about 11" long. How can this be? I have measured this multiple times. I would think that even it the blade was out of round the kerf would still be the same. I am so confused.

The other issue is on the left side of the cut the board next to the fence is smaller than the board at the other end. On the right side the board next to the fence is wider than the board at the other end. That all makes sense to me. However the difference is not equal. The cut on the right is further out of alignment than the left side. How can that be? Mathematically shouldn't the difference always be equal.

All cuts where made using the left fence.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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