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Different Question - Need advice

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I have accumulated quite a collection of STL files that I use for my CNC. I have them on a separate solid state drive. I'm thinking about organizing them as it takes some time to find just the right one by picking through them.

Does anyone know of a software program that I could acquire that lets me organize (that's not the hard part) lets me generate a thumbnail jpeg of the file, and lets me link to the full STL file. If I use a preview in Windows or on my MAC it take some time to generate a preview on the fly.

Just curious as to how you folks handle things like this.


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I don't use it personally but look at STL Vault.

I organize using blend files (different format).
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I wonder if installing SketchUp adds the STL preview capability.
Thanks guys. I appreciate it. I downloaded STL Vault. Seems to be a little learning curve but I'm trying to figure it out. It doesn't (so far) recognize any of my STL files, but that may be because there are so many.

Tinker Cad is a 3d printer and it handles stl files. It has a visual of those and you can download and upload and it's free.
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