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Digitizing a mirror decor diagram and cutting the parts

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using a full sized diagram I traced all the parts on a mirror arched frame and created *.dxf files
and created toolpaths to cut on a cnc including the mirror panels
This shows digitizing the plan and getting a perfect fit on the frames
Also shows the glass fitting right on

mirror decor


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That is a beutiful piece of work. This would be very challenging using conventional techniques. Question: Could the CNC be used to cut this from an oversized glued up panel? This looks like it might have been cut from BB ply or MDF. My old eyes can't quite make that out.
It was cut from 3/4 maple plywood 4x8 , but this could be cut from anything glued up or not (MDF)
I like arches
Very nice, Stan. I like the finish colour too.
thanks , this was interesting to cut
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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