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I've been enjoying my new CNC machine - based on the Avid Pro4848 but with custom electronics. I've always been fascinated by those plywood dinosaur puzzles. Over the years, I have collected a number of the vectors (basically part outlines) needed to cut them out of plywood. Unfortunately, they have a fixed slot size so I would have to resized them so the slots would match the thickness of the plywood I was using. Recently I found a new CAD program called Cuttle that made it easy to "parameterize" the vectors so I could size the puzzle to the thickness of the plywood and to be as big or small as I wanted. So far, I have 12 models set up and ready to go. They can be cut on a CNC router or Laser Cutter and I have used plywood, acrylic and cardboard (picture frame matting). Here's a dragonfly I cut out of 1/4 plywood, 24" wingspan.
Table Wood Tableware Art Tablecloth

A menagerie. Mostly laser cut but they all could be cut on a CNC router. I particularly like the ones made out of picture matting. Cheap and fast to make.
Natural material Wood Rectangle Art Twig

These make great gifts for kids.

If you want to make one (or more), all you need to do is plug in the sheet height and slot size. You can then download the SVG file and load it into your CNC Router or Laser Cutter software. If using a CNC router, you need to set the tab size to 0 to get closed vectors. You can move the vectors around to make room for your CNC bit kerf so you might want the sheet height to be a bit smaller than the actual sheet size you will be using.
Saber Toothed Tiger
Praying Mantis

If you are interested in how I set these up to be resizable, read here.
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