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Dismantling Elu MOF 96 Type 1

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Hello all, my faithful old router that I have had since the 1980’s has finally mashed it’s lower bearing.

I’m dismantling it after watching YouTube videos, reading posts on this forum and studying the parts diagram for the type 1 model on

Bottom plate and legs are off, brushes removed and the main assembly dropped out of the plastic housing.

My question is about removing the lock ring at the bottom of this assembly - the thing with a straight screwdriver slot either side of the spindle (number 25 on the exploded diagram). I have sprayed it with some penetrating oil to try to free it up but is it a reverse thread? It is hard to see.

I have a set of those twin legged screwdriver thingees but I’m also wondering if a sharp tap to an angled screwdriver would be the best approach to free it up. Any advice gratefully received!

p.s. - what great little machines these are, looks good as new inside (apart from the bearing of course).
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Welcome to the forum @PeterPiper
G'day Peter, welcome to the forum.

Have you seen this video. Not sure what 'lock ring' you are referring to?

Thanks for the replies!

Yes, that is the video I’ve been working from. Unfortunately it doesn’t show removal of that lock ring - he removed it prior to making the video (to soak the bearing in oil - he mentions it in the comments way down near the bottom).

If you turn the router upside down the lock ring is directly above the collet, with a horizontal shallow slot either side of the collet. It’s more like a flat disc than a ring but I couldn’t think of a better term! The type 2 has it as well, it is part number 25 on both of the exploded diagrams.

I only read the comments to the video yesterday and someone asks more or less the same question - getting the armature in a vice and ‘a sharp tap’ was suggested. No mention of a reverse thread so I guess it is normal direction. I will soak it again today.
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I’ve undone it - for anyone reading this in the future it has a normal thread (it’s not a reverse thread).

I put penetrating oil on for a couple of days, then put the assembly in the side of a metal vice (gripping the flats for the smaller spanner) so it was sticking out horizontally. Screwdriver angled into one of the slots and a sharp tap, and it came undone.

I guess I will have to use the same method to ‘tighten’ it. Now to order the spares! I’m going to replace the top bearing (although it seems okay) and the brushes while I have it in bits.

Here’s to another 40 years of service! :)
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Glad you were able to solve that problem, Peter..
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