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I've been fighting my camera and finally found away to upload some pictures.

Pic#1 A jersey Display case painted black with a couple of coats of brushed on Poly. Routing wise rabbets for the front glass
and the backer board. My wife did the art work painting Sean Taylor up top and digital graphics on the bottom.

Pic #2 Is a Christmas gift for some "Deer" friends of mine (sorry) for their holiday decorations. I combined Four Bandsaw
Deer on top of a small live edge slab with Acorns as the stand for their last name. The last name was scroll job #2
on my early Scroll saw Christmas present.

Pic #3 Is First attempt at scrolling considering. I did half of it with the blade that came with the saw and realized I needed
some good pin blades. Steve Good is the Scroll saw Guru. Thanks to him and Flying Dutchmen blades. One day I
might get good at it


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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