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Disston Saw

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Hello everyone,
Any one a collector Disston saws? I'm not a collector but I have a few I picked up at the flea market. Today's project turned out to a D42 (not D-42), Victory saw. With the ..._ under victory. Looking at the Disston Institute website, they say the handle is walnut. And it was stained red. Others that are selling the same saw say the handle is mahogany. So I was wondering is it walnut and what was the red stain? The first 2 pics are D42. The others are of a D-8 handle. I'm trying to figure out if it is beech or apple? I have been told beech. Any ideas anyone? Thank you for helping. Wayne


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The few I have are for using, not collecting. I have no idea what the handles are, and don't really care, 'cause they'll get used no matter what the wood.
The part where the chip is missing looks like mahogany and that part wouldn't have been stained. It should be the natural colour.
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Thank you for the help. The handle with the chip is much lighter than the other. Now to find a piece of mahogany to make the repairs. These was rust flea market finds. I plan to give them to family members once I’m finished. Again thank you.
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