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Diy arduino CNC questions

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Is this the correct place to ask for help? I have it works. Have issues about home and settings.
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What are your questions?
I was about to give up on here. Think I resolved issues. Switches, table direction, homing..... Now I need to figure out why the 1 inch circle example came out 3/4 and oval. Did the 100mm thing,measured out. Although x axis seemed to stall and slip on section of it.couldn't find any binding.
You're not giving us much to go on to help you. Photos, post code, widescreen video, etc. - any of that would help. And you can still add your name to your profile to clear the N/a in the side panel.

Stick around, ask your questions, jump in on discussions, show us what you've done with the Arduino - we like to learn and to share in knowledge!

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Actually Dave I pushed thru what I had questions least I hope so. Made repairs again, homing switches work again, direction is correct on each axis,settings are in.if I can figure out ANY of the cad softwares ,I'll try my own circle test. Very frustrated. I don't want to be a CNC specialist. I just want to make a few simple signs, maybe drill precise holes to replace bad parts on machine. Arduino, I've made a bunch of useless stuff. multiple node wireless motion detection, garden control (temp,water,humidity), etc.
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I don't want to be a CNC specialist.
It may be too late for you. :) A specialist is anyone who can push through the challenges that pop up to make a machine do exactly what you want it to. Welcome to the cult. >:)

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4d, you suck!
So, my fix for the x end switch didn't work. Added a block to hit switch, caught by the thickness of a paper. Thankfully I use rubber hose so it just pulled the rod off the drive. OK, some questions....
Garage sale I got artcam something. Does 3d stuff, really confusing and more than I am ready for.and a few freebie programs copied to CD.I just got updated versions. Gcode sender 3.6.1,gcode 1,i have Corel print house 4 ,inkspace, gimp, hoping I can draw what I want, make it gcode and cut.
We just bought Carveco which is the new company for ArtCAM. To learn the program I'm going through the ArtCAM tutorials on YouTube. Any of the Express or Standard tutorials will work to get you familiar with the program.

Thanks Dave, been doing that. Accents low volume and click the mouse like a speed demon ,on a little screen not learning much.
Got it running. It goes home without ripping anything up!!!
So I got a few dxf files from scan2cad site. How do I resize them? I tried mm instead of inches, (program says dfx doesn't define), it still shows 200 inches.
The g-code for a 200mm cut is the same as the g-code for a 200 inch cut.
Your CNC Controller reads units. If it's configured in mm's, it will cut 200mm's. If it's configured in inches, it will cut 200 inches.

If you want to scale it to some other size, you can do that in any CAD program that reads .dxf files.
Thanks Gerry. I'll try it again. I opened a few of them in inkscape and I think gimp. All black workspace,can't see anything.
Sounds like Jeff is trying to do this below going on the cheap. Download Vectric's trial versions (don't know if Careveco has them) and play around with them. Also watch their tutorials. You'll throw those older programs out in a heartbeat. You'll save yourself a LOT of frustration and anguish. Then worry about the machine. I don't know anything about yours so I can't say anything good or bad about it. But remember -- this will not be a cheap venture. You can cut some corners, but don't think you're going to get away with a freebie. I thought all you had to do was scan, size, and hit go. Ain't so!!!
Thanks Gerry. I'll try it again. I opened a few of them in inkscape and I think gimp. All black workspace,can't see anything.

Try a "real" CAD program.
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You can do it cheap, or even free, but that requires considerable more knowledge and skill then the paid options. >:)
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John, I just downloaded aspire. Yikes! $2000. Nope!!! This is a hobby not a lifestyle. Anyhow, I did a 1 inch circle and square gcode sender and aspire set to inches. MAYBE 1/8 inch drawing.been playing with anything I can get to test. Sketch up,gimp, you name it.does anybody know which format to save in? Different .nc files gave error codes in gcode sender. One actually turned Circe into a square!!!
John, I just downloaded aspire. Yikes! $2000. Nope!!!...

Jeff how about downloading VCP/Pro instead of jumping to Aspire since you want to do simple stuff.
There's a bunch on here that are doing that sort of thing for no monetary reasons, maybe just to learn a new tool
and have fun. Freebie = headaches and grief as Jerry pointed out already if not familiar. at least you can upgrade
to Aspire if you really dig VCP and want to do 3D
You could get away with Vcarve (Cut 3d for starters - which is very basic)for what you want to do ......... for now. If you pursue this - the "bug" will get you!!

Vectric will give you full credit towards each upgrade. Download each version and play with them and then decide your next step.
What I need to do is stick with one and learn. artcam seems good but not sure about just 2d ( just make a simple engraved board ("the Smiths").
Aspire seems good but $2k is steep and don't understand the size issue.
I need a 1,2,3 step lesson. Reading,videos are slowly getting me there but I need simply how to do simple to get started.
Have uninstall all of this crap and try cut3d.
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