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DIY Bosch router lift

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My router lift. All comments and improvements are welcome.


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Welcome to the forum Alpo.
Can you post more pictures? I can't make out what your doing but I sure would like to know. :smile:
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I agree I am not able to make out exactly what I am looking at. The pictures aren't giving me a clear understanding. More pictures would be helpful.
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It's a router lifter, so you can change depth without changing it on the router itself...if I said that right.

I have a plunge router and so I have to release the lever and then change depth. With one of these I could leave the lever "opened" and just raise/lower the lifter and leave everything on the router in-check.

Not sure how to make it/mount it though, but $10 is great!
After studying the pictures on my desktop computer. I see that it is a U-bolt setup around the handle of the router and then connected to a rise and lowering mechanism.
Wise men out there! It is not a whole router table but it is a simple router lift. I have made changes. Now the is a tee nut on the top of plywood piece. The tee nut is secured with two small screws. I wish I had a welding machine. My first table is quite poor. Fence is a piece of wood with two clamps. I will gradually build a better table.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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