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Would you be willing to share the design to the rocking chair you built?
The chair design is by James Cole. He gives it away for free at his web site,

I took a class with him put on by the Colorado Woodworker’s Guild. 12 of us built variations of the chair - because how it is sculpted, each one is unique. James was vary generous with his time, advice and each of us made a pattern routed copy of his templates. We were all given permission to make as many chairs as we like, for sale if we wish, with no need to credit him for his design, because he says by the time we are finished sculpting, it is ours and not his. Simply unheard of in the industry. I know there are many chair makers that have classes (far more expensive ones) and you are generally only allowed to make the chair for your own use, never for sale.

Still planning on making a hardwood one someday, one of the reasons I built the CNC. I have some ideas that will allow me to cut each of the parts individually much closer to final size , and cut down on the 80 or so hours I spent sculpting the first one.

James Cole (in the dark Jacket) demonstrates oiling one of his gorgeous hardwood chairs.


21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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