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DIY sub-base for Leigh FMT?

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Hey everyone,

I picked up used Leigh FMT mortise and tenon jig recently. Unfortunately, it is missing the sub-base to mount the router on. I called Leigh and the sub-base is available for about $300CAD. Before I take the plunge on a new one I thought I might try making one to at least get started playing around with this thing. So I was wondering if anyone here has one and would be willing to take some measurements for me so I could figure out the rough size and placement of the pins and the router?

Thanks very much.
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WOW they sure are proud of them. Good idea to make your own.



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Just a suggestion, maybe you can get someone who has a baseplate transfer the size and shape onto a cardboard template,including the pin positions, and mail it to you. This will not solve the taper on the pins, unless someone can accurately measure the length of the taper for you.
I hope you, and your wife get better fast, Charlie, thats a bummer being laid up. I know what you mean about the stereo. Here our Dr. is limited to 15min per customer/patient, an expensive 15 min. too
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