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Do I buy the PC 892 ?

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I have never "owned" my own router, but have used some. I am looking into buying one for a kitchen project, and then to use for other various learning projects. I have read some of the reviews on the 892 and it does seem to be getting some "harsh" reviews, although I do like its design and features.
Does anyone have one, and what is your feedback ? I like the vari speed, single wrench bit change, quite operation, micro adjust. etc...
If this would not be a good purchase, please let me know which ones to look into that have some of the same features.

Thank you !
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I too have read some not so kind things about this router. Things dealing with "plastic rack-and-pinion gears", "wobbly housings", "the rack and the attaching screws sheared in pieces", "Broke 2 levers before I turned it on for the first time". This sure doen't sound like other PC tools I own. Now, is this a problem other here are seeing or it just the people who rated it at amazon? How about others sharing their opinions, I have been thinking of another router and this one is on the short list.

I have the 890 router and can say that it has been perfect in every way. Yes it does have plastic pinion gears, but they are very durable, and if you take care in the use of the router it shouldn't be a huge concern, as well as the fact that it is totally an easy replacement item. Nothing that should stop the purchase. The only thing that I could see a problem with is the levers on the plunge base, when I first put the motor in the lever seemed it was setup to calp much too tight, so I can imagine if someone forces it, something will crack, you just need to use common sense sometimes when working with a new tool. I just had to loosen the bolt in the lever and get the right fit/feel. Great router.
I bought a PC 890 series router when they first hit the market. I have yet to use the plunge base with it. I have another PC router with a plunge base that I use. The 890 has been used in my router table and with my Akeda dovetail jig. It has worked up to expectations and I have been pleased with it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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