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Im new here and to the world of routing so I need some help on this one. I searched and found some related 60 degree forum threads, but not exactly what I needed.

First off, is there any way I can get a 60 or at the least a 45 degree chamfer bit that is reversed or upside down oriented like a dovetail bit V instead of the most common chamfer ^ style?

I need this because my surface that needs to be scratch free would have to be laid down on the table with my normal chamfer 45 degree bit and I cant do that. I would be scratching the hell out of my delicate surface trying to bevel the edges. So I need the chamfer bit to be reversed like a dovetail bit. Does this exist? If not, do they have a 60 degree angle dovetail bit that could work and do pretty much the same beveling edge look?

So here's exactly what I need. Im cutting 1/8" plastic so my bit doesn't have to be extremely big. I would need it with a guide bearing and the shank is 1/4".

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

p.s. I was at the store the other day and the guy said I can build my own bit piece by piece. Is this true and could I do this for a 60 degree with bearing chamfer bit? Price more expensive?

Why not protect the face with plastic or even 1/4" MDF and route as you normally would. If this is clear plastic you could possible scratch the back side and see it through the front.
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