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I know absolutely nothing about your project, but the first thing that I noticed is that the difference between 60 deg. and 45 deg. across one-eighth of an inch is miniscule, but maybe this goes into a mitered joint, or something like that. 60 deg. is just 30 deg. flipped-over edgewise for SOME THINGS.

By the way, If I were doing this: I would cut two boards of sufficient dimension and at the required angle, and file or sand-off the edge. the amount you're removing is not much bigger than the finger of an ant. You would sandwich-clamp the two boards with the plastic positioned to only stick-out less than one-eighth of an inch! Then use the "sandwich as a "shooting board".

Good Luck, Be Safe and Have Fun Doing This!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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