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I love this time of year.... (insert frustrated groan here...)

! get a text message on Monday with a hyperlink of a wedding cake topper on Etsy and the text "Can you make this?"

I replied ,"it looks laser cut, but if you get me a drawing of it I can cut it on the scroll saw"

Her reply, "Ok, but we need to add a dog to it as well, and she's not sure she wants it out of wood"

Me: "Okay, what does she want it out of?"

"She isn't sure, but she doesn't think wood is something hygienic for her cake"

Me: "Has she heard of tooth picks? It will be safe, I promise"

Me: "When do we need it by?"

Her reply...... "Friday"

I am always flattered when people want me to make things for them, I just wish they would give me more notice!

** and I am still waiting for the artwork........ **

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** and I am still waiting for the artwork........ **
No problem, just tell her you thought she meant next week.
Obviously one of those people, "If I wanted it done by tomorrow, I would have brought it in tomorrow."
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