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Don't you like PLEASANT surprises?

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I bought this 1/4" shank to 8mm shank for AUD19.67 (about USD13.50)
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because ER11 spindle can only take max of 7mm and a lot of stuffs like cheap drag knives and burnishing toois which always comes in 8mm aluminum tubes/rods (no need to power on the spindle for cutting vinyl or making cardboard boxes on a CNC router).
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What is the pleasant surprise?

Most collets I already have for my Rt0700C clone trimmer router from 1/8", 6mm. 1/4", 8mm fits this collet extension perfectly too.
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Don't you like PLEASANT surprises?
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Another add for the CNC?
Another add for the CNC?
CNC router has advantages.
I had these (Made in USA) HSS router bits and countersunk drills bits which I had not used for over 30years because I only had 1/2" routers and was told these are UNSAFE to use.
They will work WELL on any CNC router with extension collet with no safety issues.
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Happy new year using some antique router & drill bits.

HSS can be very sharp if honed on a grindstone.
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Always nice to get a useful bargain. Should be posted in the CNC pages though.
Sorry for posting on the General Router sub-forum instead of the CNC Router sub-forum.
Although the reason I bought it was for use on the CNC spindle, I plan to used instead on the horizontal + std router table I am building instead. It is just a chuck extension for a 1/4" router.

The ER11 spindle on my CNC router is limited to 7mm. But I am aware of machine shops in USA making CUSTOM 5/16" collets for ER11 chuck (for >USD100) and factories in China making non-standard 8mm collet for ER11 for about USD12

e,g. sold on ebay
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