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Door Bell

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My 15 year old musical doorbell died, so I had to replace it. Found one made in Hammond, Indiana. However, the box, which is made by the Amish, would cost an additional $48. I made my own box out of walnut. See attached pictures. This doorbell is more robust than my old one. You can program any songs to want. I think that there are twenty six "seasons" you can select from. Also, back and front door can have there own music. I told my wife that I was going to use the "Good Bad & The Ugly" theme song, same as on my phone. Since she does not like this, she asked me for other options.



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Nice job Frank . I’m trying to think of a theme song for you , but we’re from a different era lol
I'm thinking the 'Benny Hill' theme song.
That oughta chase the vacuum cleaner sales types away.
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Use the "Hang em High" sound.

Loved Benny Hill. Will see if I can get Yakety Sax approved.


Good choice, but no way. It is from the same series of westerns that I love to watch. Probably why my wife does not like them since I watch them over and over!

Yakety Sax was recorded by the late Boot Randolph.
Nice job, beats the standard stainless steel or plastic job. Beautiful.

Cheers, Kerry
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