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double sided tape?

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Hi. I just finished watching an episode of Router Workshop where they were making inlays with patterns. They were using double sided tape to hold the inlay material and patterns in place. Man did that stuff work great! It seemed to hold the pieces very well. Does anyone know what they might have been using and where to buy it. I have tried several different varieties of "carpet tape" and it doesn't seem to hold as well as whatever these guys were using. Any ideas? Thanks.
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I didn't see the show (it's not offered here), but they may have been using cloth-backed carpet tape. It holds much better than the cheaper vinyl-backed stuff. I purchased a couple rolls from a carpet and flooring business.

Don't leave the items stuck together over a long period of time; you will have a bear of a time getting them apart. I know that for a fact!
I just use regular, cheap double sided tape (duck brand from w-mart) and it works great- but you do have to be careful not to use too much or you'll tear your piece up trying to get it off (ask me how I know :))
Hi: I use carpet tape made by 3-M Corp., I buy it in a local hardware store. Some tape deteriorates with age (shelf life) so if it's in the stores for long it might be to old.
Buying the tape from a carpet store may be a better option. You could also contact
Oak-Park on the 800 - 665-0252 and ask them. They are a sponsor and suppy most of the stuff on the show.. Hope this helps. Woonut65
It is tesa 4970 and sells the tape.
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