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Doug Williams Dba Dougsan

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Flunked shop in HS (1953). Worked as an elevator mechanic (helper) early 1960s. Have a decent shop set up using half the 2 car garage. Have never built a piece of furniture I was happy enough with to put on dispaly. Have finished the proverbial basement (British Pub theme) including electrical, plumbing, etc.

Love working with wood.
Enjoy electrial wiring.
Hate plumbing (can't sweat a a pipe to save my life).
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Hi Doug

Welcome to the best forum on the net, to get help with just about anything dealing with construction /woodworking.

"Hate plumbing (can't sweat a a pipe to save my life)"

The key to sweating a pipe ,is you Can't solder Dirt, the parts must be clean and then use a good paste flux on all the parts (inside and outside), then heat them up a bit and then run the solder around the joint.(without the torch on the pipe)
The heat will pull the solder into the joint,once you have gone all the way around the joint take a wet rag and wipe the joint clean and check the solder job, if you see a spot you miss just apply some more heat and bit more solder and wipe it again.
If you are soldering next to a wall or something that may flame up put a piece of tin behide that point and use the tin as a shield. :)

Have a good weekend mate

Bj :)
It's that easy :)

Bj :)
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Welcome to
Hi Doug!

W e l c o m e . . a b o a r d !!

We're very close in age... I graduated from H.S. in 1954...

You will be happy on these forums...

Good to see you here.
Hi Doug, glad you decided to introduce yourself. Welcome to the forums. And you are not alone when it comes to sweating pipe and plumbing.
Welcome Doug to the forums. I am with you, I hate plumbing as well!!

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