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I have a Sears Dovetail fixture which requires a 0.50 inch guide bushing and a 9/16 inch dovetail bit for cutting through dovetails. My problem: how do I limit the depth of cut while making sure the carbide cutting edge of the dovetail bit does not slice into the inner diameter of the guide bushing?

I understand, of course, that the router collet can be raised and lowered a small amount and that the bit shank will vary in size. Is the only way to "adjust" for this depth of cut problem 1. buy a bit with a carbide edge that is longer or shorter or 2. attempt to use a dovetail bit with a different vertical angle?

Can any size/diameter guide bushing be used in cutting dovetails as long as the outer diameter of the guide bushing easily moves in and out of the dovetail template guide fingers and cleans the wood completely?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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