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Hi John

The jig Rutlands brand as Dakota is a generic one that sells all over the world under various brand names. The one I got is sold by SIP and did come with 7/16, 1/2 and 9/16" combs, but I don't think they sell them seperately. I don't know anyone in the UK that sells the combs seperately, although several American suppliers do.

Actually, I've just had a look at Axminster for you and they seem to do them. I'm not impressed with their new website. The information provided on the replacement combs is lamentable; they don't say what the sizes are.They stock CMT ones, too, but the price of those is probably more than you paid for the jig originally.
Far and away your best bet are the US and Canadian suppliers, if you know anyone flying over who could hand carry them for you. The selection of sizes there is excellent and prices are much more sensible.

I've just had another idea. There is a Pakistani lad in Essex who sells DeWalt spares off eBay and I think the 12" DeWalt combs will fit or can be made to. Watch out, as DeWalt also do a 24" one, too. Try searching for DeWalt in eBay.

Oh, BTW, Bob Jurgens on here has a series of good photos on modifying the jig to make it more reliable. He will know the URL for them. One of them is sticking coarse sandpaper on the underside of the clamping bars to stop wood from moving, but he has others, as well.


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