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Hi, Bought a Dakota 1101 Precision dovetail jig recently. Realised it would only do fixed (1") spacing, but not that there was only one depth you can cut to for half blind joints and make the joints work. Did a bit of trigonometry after finding my first joints (router 15mm deep) were much too tight and worked out that 11.7mm was the only depth that would give a satisfactory joint (possibly +/- 0.5mm to adjust the fit). Manual implied you could make joint 8mm - 20mm.

Will I have the same problem with through dovetails? Haven't tried these yet due to the hassle of swapping guide bushes etc - need another router!

And are there other guide fences available for this jig? I cannot see any on Rutlands website.

The jig is otherwise very solid and easy to use, though a more positive way to ensure the work is parallel in the jig would help for narrow items.
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