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Dovetail Jig

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Sometime in the next few weeks I plan to purchase a half-blind dovetail jig. I've looked at the $29 HF model to the $140 PC and lots of them in between.
Does anyone have any insight or good experiences with a particular model in that price range? I've noticed several look the same[usually blue].

Thanks, Rusty
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I just bought the PC 4112 jig, it is build rather well and all the adjustments are very easy to make. I particularly like the lever/cam tightning mechanism. The templetes have alighning guides which are helpfull for aligning the work peices, though some eyeballing is required.

I liked the bit height "guage" which can be adjusted for actual bit heights.

I have just started using it but already I have gone through less "scrap" setting it up than I had with my old Craftsman jig.

One precaution: make sure you tighten the bit very well.

The PC 4112 is the only dovetail jig I have used so I cant comment on its comparison with any other jig, but I have found it easy to use and set up. I also like the fact that it can make dado dovetails aka sliding dovetails (I belive they are also called)

I looked at the HF jig and I think it only comes with one template, the PC 4112 has two and two more are available for miniature dovetails (cant wait to get that one as I plan on making jewelry boxes)

It also makes through dovetails as well as rabbeted halfblinds and halfblinds.

The PC 4112 is the delux kit and I paid 160+ at woodcrafts (only place I could find it)

One thing I didnt like about the PC 4112 is that the bushings only fit PC router bases. It mentions that adapters are available but.... I had to make a lexan bushing base to fit my HF plunge router. I still havent been able to quite make the lexan plate exactly centered so I am trying to make a plate out of a thin steel plate (wish me luck)

Just my 2 cents worth...good luck with your hunt.
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jnam I have just run across a tool catalog that has a installation kit for centering the mounting screws. It contains some pins that screw into the base and are pointed on the ends and it contains a center pin to be chucked up in the collet. Once you line up the center you just tap on the plate and the pointed pins mark the center of the screw holes.
I am not sure if it will work on you router but could look for you if you are interested. I am also new to routing so what does HF stand for.

Garys. HF stands for "Harbor Freight." You know the inexpensive tool store. :D If you see HD, that stands for "Harley Davidson" to me, BUT, for us woodworkers it means "Home Depot." :D

the "Doctor"
garys said:
...I am not sure if it will work on you router but could look for you if you are interested. I am also new to routing so what does HF stand for.

That would be excellent, can you give me the name of the company, it sounds just like what I need!

PS I get HD and HD confussed sometimes also, as I go to a bike forum as well.
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