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I've run into several projects where I need to make through dovetails in larger pieces of wood. So far 17.5" is as wide as they have been and too large for me to make using the PantoRouter as best I can see. This is a blanket chest I want to make for my granddaughter to take to college in mid August. Of course my other Porter Cable dovetail jig only handles 12" wide maximum and the LS Positioner is capable to a point but works using templates that don't come close to my needed layout. What I see that will work for a mere $600 is the Leigh D4R Pro jig and also does variable and adjustable dovetails both through and half blind up to 24". It also does box joints and several other joints with a minimum of 1/4" to 1-1/4" stock depending on joint.

While I'm not against learning to hand cut dovetail joints the clock is running on this project and from all I've read the wider the work the harder it is to match those pins and tails. 17.5" has 8 full dovetails. That's 32 cuts that need to be dead on or extremely close. I'd need a good dovetail saw, a fret saw, and a good marker to add to my tools to try to learn this process. While intriguing I'd prefer less stress to get the project right and on time.

So after all this, is it worth the $600 for the Leigh jig that would get used for other projects. I'd likely sell my PC 4216 as I would no longer need it. I'd still plan on learning the hand cutting process but it would be far more relaxed later rather than now......
I've been using a General Tools jig for quite sometime. It does take practice to line it up when cutting a wide piece. And it pretty much leaves you with one width size. But overall it does what I need done. Beyond this in size I hand cut the joints.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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