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Dovetail trouble

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Hey gang,

I am having trouble getting the depth of my pins and tails to match. I'm also having trouble with my terminology here. Are the pins the male part of the joint or the female part? Anyway, when I dryfit the joint the male part is too long and keeps the shoulders next to it from fitting tightly against the shoulders next to the female part of the joint. This allows some wiggling and slop in the joint. I thought the whole secret here was not to adjust the height of the bit between cutting the pins and tails. What am I doing wrong?

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Gee I hope I get this right..... I think when I learned about this years ago they said that the fronts/backs are pin pieces and sides are tail pieces.....

You are correct in that the height should not be reset but you have to have it right before that is true. So if I'm reading you right the depth of cut is too deep so you need to reset the depth to a lesser amount and try again.

try setting your bit height to the thickness of the stock plus a business card. This should leave you a little extra that can be easily sanded off flush.
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