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I have a narrow, under 1/2", crack in a newer blacktop drive. Can anyone recommend a filler brand they think is good? I need to get it repaired while the weather is hot. Thanks for reading.
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my last homestead driveway was asphalt,10' wide and 120' long. The company said that if/when it started to crack, they would fix it under warranty for 5 years - after that, the cost would be minimal if they were in the area and combine it with other jobs. If it is really bothering you, and could get worse, it may be best to consult with an asphalt company. (or the company that laid the asphalt).
Excellent suggestion John. Sometimes the pros do it much better. They have the hot tar and gravel. I have our Septic pumped that way. Had risers installed and schedule with other pickups, it takes them maybe 15 minutes. I put large artificial rocks over the opening and had them blend into the rocky dry streambed between the two openings. Some jobs just call for a pro.
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