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Hey Doug...

I got a WDS1600. Not a bad little machine, not a great little machine, but not to shabby!! I have the same issue as you. Belt wants to creep towards the motor side of the unit. I've adjusted the belt 6 ways from Sunday and she still wants to track to the right. It seems to go so far and thats where she kinda stops creeping?? I've seen new belts in Ebay for 80 or so now and then and they have the replacement sandpaper type belt for around 40 I think it is. The tracking does not seem to impact the performance of the machine which is a good thing. Sooooooooooo I just take and give it a good "shove" to the left when needed.

Another issue I had was that the sanding drum was off by around .006 left to right. with the right side being the low end. A couple well placed pieces of a playing card placed behind the upper mounting brackets squared her right up..

watch your feed speeds. With 100-150 grit papers, Cherry, poplar, purple/red/yellow heart to name a few will burn in a blink of an eye.

When changing out papers, I use a pair of small needle nose plies to grab the paper and pull it taunt. I've come to not like those latching mechanisms. *L*..
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