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Howdy All,
My dust collection (DC) system splits going into my router table. One hose goes to the fence, the other to the router surround. (FYI, this is the Norm Abram’s router table.)

Despite my DC system, when I route a dado on my router table, the sawdust shoots out the dado slot and all over the shop.
Of course that's because the DC through the fence is useless when routing a dado. Works great for a rabbit or other edge routing.
If I was routing a lot of dadoes, I would duct tape my shop vac in position to suck up some of the sawdust, very inefficient, I still had to clean up the shop.

I decided to test an idea.
In line with the router collet, just to the left of the router plate, I used a 3/4" straight bit and plunge routed a 1-1/4" hole through the table top into the router surround.
It worked. Almost all of the sawdust was pulled down that hole, into the router surround, and into the DC system. The sawdust that did not get collected was from between the time I started the dado until the dado covered the hole. Even some of that got sucked up.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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