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I mounted my router in my table saw outfeed table using the Kreg router plate. I reviewed several dust extractions ideas and discovered the Milescraft DustRouter collection system, available from Amazon (about $30 as I recall) and probably other sources as well. I purchased this item with some hesitancy as the connection on the underside of the router plate seemed wonky to me. I installed this, needing to modify some of the setup instructions to make it fit my situation. The biggest issue was the fence connection as this system runs the fence collection hose over the back of the router table. In my case, this blocked the saw outfeed, but was an easy change to the hose direction. The issue of the wonky under table connection proved not to be a big deal as well. The cup that surrounds the router bit, to provide suction for dust extraction, is held to the router plate via a ring of Velcro attached using double sided tape. This has turned out to have enough strength that as long as the hose connection port is supported, it stays attached. I have used this system now for several months and the dust has been reduced by 95+%, far exceeding my expectation. By the way, I am not associated with Milescraft or Amazon. My dust extraction/collection system is home brewed using a central house vac power head with an internal disposable 5 micron paper filter connected to a Oneida Dust Deputy, all connected by 2-1/2" hose on a portable cart. Nothing fancy, but it does suck. Hope this helps.
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