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Dust collection bags

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Like many of you I have the HF 2 HP dust collector. I recently went to HF to pick up some replacement bags and I was told they don't sell them. The largest bag they carry is a 55 gal and the one for the dc is 70 gal I believe. I looked on the internet and didn't readily find any so I though I would see what you folks use . Does anyone have a source for the bags? If not then I assume everyone must be using a drum?
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I have a Cyclone which I use a 32gal metal garbage can W/ 55gal black HD garbage bag inside.

I found some 50 gallon bags on Amazon. Slightly short, but work fine. You might also check out the leaf collection bags. I think they'll work OK.
Here are the bags I ordered for that purpose. I think the actual bag is 70 gallon, these are 65. If they're short, put a cardboard box underneath to raise it 5-6 inches.
I bought a 5-pack from Big Horn Corp. back in February, 2017 and still have 4. I use them until they tear or get holes. I also empty them instead of throwing them away. Amazon has them for about $17 - Big Horn Corp. DC bags

The normal Contractor garbage bags fit nicely into a regular garbage can, with extra length to go over the rim. I buy the generic ones...way cheaper.
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