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Dust Collection for my Avid Pro4848

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I got the Avid Pro4848 working with my grblHAL Teensy 4.1 based controller and next step was to add dust collection.

My goals were:
  • collect all the dust at the spindle
  • filter to at least 1 micron
  • make tool changes easy
  • pre-separate as much of the chips and dust as possible to minimize filter load
Additionally, I wanted to:
  • allow use of DC for general cleanup around the machine
  • keep the footprint small
  • keep the total price under $1000
To that end I determined that I needed at least 1000 CFM so decided to hard plumb with 4" PVC pipe where possible. The CFM ratings on dust collectors are kind of a fantasy. You might get the rated flow without anything attached but every thing you add sucks your CFM down (tongue only partially in cheek). The Grizzly G0944 popped out as a good candidate: wall mounting, 1 micron filter, 1250 rated CFM, $625. (Note, on sale right now for $555) So, I jumped on it. I have a few complaints - shoddy shipping materials allowed some minor damage and flat out wrong installation instructions wasted my time but beyond that, it works very well.

My separator is based on the Thein Baffle. I've built several in the past and decided to try a new twist with a "top hat" design. I have a write up about that here. Overall, it makes a big difference in the load on the DC's filter and helps to extend its life by quite a bit. So far the vast majority of the dust has made its way into the trash can - the plastic bag below the filter is basically empty. It's kind of cool to watch the dust swirl around and drop into the trash can.

The plumbing went pretty easily but was a bit tricky due to the overhead garage door in the space. There is about 2 inches of clearance! If I would have moved the light fixture, I could have avoided and extra CFM robbing right turn. But, it turns out to not be a problem at all.

I designed the dust boot and cut it on the machine. Made from Acrylic and Polycarbonate, it works fairly well. The brush part is held on with magnets so tool changes are pretty easy. The dust port bracket is clamped onto the spindle with a toggle clamp that makes it easy to remove and reposition for different bit lengths. I set it up with a Rockler Dustright Quick Disconnect that allows me to use a brush "wand" to clean up around the CNC after a session.

I am happy to say that I beat my cost goal - total all in cost was about $850.

Here is a more detailed write up for those who are interested.

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