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Dust Collection

If you have a window in the work area replace it with a fan so the dust is extracted to the outside. In conjunction with the shop vac this should really minimize your dust problem. A small (1 hp, single bag), portable DC would be a help but, being single stage, wood chips would soon wear out or damage the impeller.

If space is of little concern get a larger (1 1/2+ hp) dual bag DC and use it in conjunction with the extractor fan. Add a garbage can first stage to deal with chips and stuff to save the impeller. You could do the same with a small DC also if you have the room.

The smaller DC's are more effective as one tool units and are good if you don't want to run a bunch of duct or hose to all of the work stations.

A window fan is nice because you wouldn't have to worry about cleaning a filter as you do with the free hanging or standing dust units. A two sided spray booth can be temporarily set up in front of the fan and would be effective in handling fumes and over spray. Two pieces of ply and a roof of plastic sheeting (shower curtain or whatever) erected temporarily is good for small finish jobs.

Iif you live in the great north land, as I do, you need a good heater in the shop to use an extraction fan in the winter.

Not knowing the configuration of your shop I hope these suggestions will provide you with a some utile ideas.
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