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As noted, have two HF units, one with Wynn filter, the other still has the 5 micron bag, but it goes outside when in use. The Wynn filter is great, but if I buy a drum filter for the bag unit, it will likely be a Grizzly with what I call a beater bar inside. Turn the handle and it knocks off excess sawdust collecting on the filter element. The Wynn requires that you blow compressed air through the outside. If Wynn had that feature, I'd go with Wynn because they are a very responsive company for customer service.
@AlanZ That's an amazing price! Bought both of mine at the same time a few years ago for $162 each with the discount coupon. Very happy with them.

Don't forget the chip collector/separator, Shooting sawdust directly into the HF unit fills it with sawdust very quickly and clogs the filter as well. Install either a Super Dust Deputy (Pix 1), the Rockler setup (pix2), a shop made Thien separator (Pix 3). It makes all the difference.

I looked for a plan for the Thien separator, but couldn't find one. Turns out you must make it so both the top and bottom layer must closely fit the container you put it in. Not as easy as it sounds if you're using an ordinary tapered or ribbed trash barrel, easier if you get a straight-sided, 30-55 gallon fiber drum from The pix of the Thien shows the cut out on the bottom layer. Look it up to find instructions.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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