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Dust mask

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Hay there, if any of you woodworkers are looking for a good dust mask I have one I just recived it from ( It's called the north CFR-1.It cost $16.99 A bit high but well worth it . I just can't get over how good it is. And my glasses don't get foged up eather.I have been looking for a long time for a dust mask that I didn't mind wearing and this is it .Thank you all much,, Learning herb
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Thanks for the tip. How is the ease of breathing on this model? Does it get wet and soggy after extended use?
I haven't really used it any longer then a half hour or so but I didn't see any dampness in side Because it has a valve to let the old air out,Workes really great.
Thanks,,,Learning Herb
Thanks Herb....

Just placed my order. Getting tired of the old soggy glass fogging throw aways I've been using :'(
Any time Bob, Thats what I like about forums.People find out some thing good and they pass it on, Hope you like it as well as I like mine, I to got tired of foged up glasses And trying to get it ot fit right.,,Learning Herb
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