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dust port

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I know this must be an old question,but I need to know were to get the 2 1/4 adaptor for the dust port on the router table..shoop vac does not have
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Grizzly has them Penn State industries, I think Rockler also has them. Even check out your local hardware store they might have them I know they carry the 2 1/4 for hose couplings. If you can't find one you could buy or you might have one lying around another hose.
the box store's has some rubber couplers in the plumbing section that will work i cant thank of the name to early in the morning del schisler

The rubber adapters used in plumbing are furnco fittings. (Still doing my bathroom remodel... can ya tell? hehehe)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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