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Dust Separator Comparison

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Last night I was in the shop for an all-nighter. I have been trying to avoid some of this heat we have been having here in the Dallas area. I got to a point that glue was drying and I needed to go inside to do some test fitting. I did not want to wake everyone up with dogs barking if I went inside so I got everything ready to re-do the test I had messed up last week.

To start I cleaned the vacuum and filter (Ridgid WD 70000), the Dust Deputy (Oneida Air), the Dustopper (Home Depot) and the Dust RIGHT Separator (Rockler).

For each test, I ran a 5 9/16x16 ½ Poplar board through the planer and took two 1/32" passes. Took pictures of the collection bucket, vacuum bucket and filter. Then sanded 3/4" off the end of a 1/2x5 9/16x16 ½ Poplar board with a 12" disk sander. Took pictures of the collection bucket, vacuum bucket and filter. Between test, the vacuum bucket and filter were cleaned.


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Thanks for this research. Great timing! I'm off to HD tomorrow...
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For those with larger collectors (e.g., four inch and larger hoses/pipes), look into fertilizer supply houses for your collection cans.

I have two 30 gallon and one fifty-five gallon, blue, plastic drums. They cost me nothing.

One of the 30's has been running under the Super Dust Deputy in front of my 3 horse, 4 bag system for a few years. It shows zero sign of collapse. It has a long, vertical plexi view port, which I riveted and siliconed in place, and which allows me to monitor fill level. Handles and wheels make it easy to transport (I use it in the yard, to vacuum pine cones and leaves).

I check the seal between the lid and the can with incense. If it leaks, the vacuum will try to collapse the can, and will cause the wire cage to squish in a little, as the vacuum tries to grab the bag. In short, if you are collapsing cans, you, likely, have a leak between the can and the lid.


I use clear plastic bags from a big box store. I made a wire cage to hold the bags in place. Even with those in place, I can still see through the view port and bag to determine fill level.

When full, you CANNOT lift the bags out. The harder you lift, the more the bag presses (expands) against the sides of the can. However, by merely tipping the can over, the bag, along with its contents, spill out for easy removal.
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Excellent series of posts. I added the smaller DD to my system last year and it performs as advertise. That plus a Wynn filter has made a significant improvement in shop dust. I also added a HIPA filter and collection bag to my Ridgid shop cav that is use mostly for gee rural cleaning and sanding. Worth the change there as well.
One of my cousins used to raise pigs commercially and he got a soybean liquid concentrate in those drums. I work twice a year at a fertilizer facility but all of ours goes bulk into trucks. The only drums we have similar to that are herbicide and pesticide drums. Most of them have deposits and if I had one I`d want to make sure it was washed out multiple times but they would probably work okay too.
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