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I have used many dovetail jigs. The e-z link and heart like are nearly fool proof. For real dovetails. I like the Leigh as it makes both through and half blind. But it is pricey and there is a learning curve with it. The Keller is much better than the Rockler. If going that route, Sears is just as good and a lot cheaper. John Swanson

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Stu in Tokyo Japan said:
I have the Keller, I wanted something simple and idiot proof for my first dovetail jig, I have to say it is both!

I made my first dovetails and it was simple and they turned out great!

You can see more of my pics of doing this here...

Stu's Dungeon Workshop page 10

It was so easy to do, I'm almost embarassed to show you :p


Thanks for the great picture and recommendation on the dove tail jig. I have been pondering which way to go on a jig and I believe after seeing what you have done with this one that my problem may be solved.

While I was at it and since you invited me, I took a tour of your shop. You have some really nice ideas going on over there. I may have to steel (I mean "borrow") :D some of your set ups and ideas to use in my own shop.

Thanks for taking the time to share with us.
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