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Eagle head

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Wood is cherry. Size is 400x350x25mm. I was going to have this painted. But it looks good like it is stained.
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Looks great . No way I’d paint that!
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That, too, looks really nice, Dan!

looks great . No way i’d paint that!
Looks great . No way I’d paint that!
Rainman voted for me also.
I like it but knowing me I might have used some colored stain in a couple spots.
Rinse and repeat, why paint it as it looks great as is?
Love that grain in the eagles head, don't think I paint that one, I'd make another one to paint.
No paint needed. It looks great with the natural woodgrain.
Another vote for it looks great now; please do not paint!
Ok, this one is staying as is, stained. But I will run the gcode again and have the second one painted. The eagle head with the mountains in the background will look nice painted.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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