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.... echo of lights.... echo of lights..

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My most recently completed project that is going to be raffled off at an upcoming shag (our local term for a doe/buck).

Solid natural oak with cope and stick rails and styles. The panels are fluorescent light diffusers, and allthough it is a bit tough to tell from the pictures, I've wired in a blue coloured light. I might change the blue light to a regular bulb though.

The top has a one way (or is it a two way?) mirror rabbetted into it, and a regular mirror sits parralel on a shelf about three inches lower. The space between the mirrors is fitted with a black-painted box (four sided... the mirrors are top and bottom) that has a string of christmas lights poking in it. When these lights are off, the top mirror looks simply like a smoked mirror. When the x-mas lights are on --and especially in a dimly lit room-- the lights refract between the two mirrors, creating a very deep looking tunnel of lights.

The piece was originally inspired by shoji-style lamps, but I think I've drifted off of that far enough.... kind of Kyoto goes Vegas. Maybe even a little cheesy, but darnit, the kids love it!


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p.s. It is designed as an end table ;)
WOW! That is a really cool idea.... I love it! Can you possibly get a few more pictures?
Great end table dru, if you could post some drawings too it would be greatly appreciated.
Here's a link for the idea I used for the mirrors. I think that's the part that is most mystifying about the project.

As far as my plans, they are pretty sketchy at best.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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