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Hello everyone,

I have been considering purchasing edge banding bits because I work with laminated plywood when I make large and some small projects. I usually glue strips of oak on the edges but I have considering changing by purchasing edge banding bits either the V-groove type or the tongue and groove type. I have some large furniture projects pending and really dislike the exposed edges. I leaning toward V-groove because I could get some alternative uses from the individual bits for edges. I have narrowed it do to two possible brands Yonico (Amazon) or Rockler. I have a couple of concerns before I attempt to purchase one or the other.

What brand or type do you have?
How hard is the set-up procedure?
Does using these make it easier or harder to install wood edging?
Does it require just as many clamps to glue edging onto the panel?
Last but not least is it worth the money or should I just keep doing what I am doing?

In advance, thanks, Dan
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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