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SOLUTION OK, got a reply that helped, then realized that the instructions were two sided and there seems to be a programmable minimum voltage that has to be programmed. Haven't been able to do that yet, but I think that will help. The bulbs are able to dim down to 5 percent, but the dimmer is preset much higher. Once programmed (which involves a tiny switch between CFL and LED), then set the minimum light level, then switch back to LED.

The instructions were there (in tiny print) all the time, but I didn't notice and presumed they were in another language. Duhhh. I'll probably try that tomorrow afternoon and let you guys know. The dimmer is a Leviton Decora, fyi.

One more electronic gadget to go and we'll be state of the art for AV at The Venue. Hopefully I can get the platform extended tomorrow too, but I'm going to need a helper to move the heavy sheet goods.
I actually majored in technical theatre and did a lot of lighting, was even a theatre technician for a while (which also upped my tool / woodworking game). However back then tungsten/halogen lamps were new, haven’t been around any theatrical lighting in some time.

But, I did put some LEDs in my great room sconces and they also have the problem you describe, not only don’t they dim all the way down (mine seem more like 50%), but when all the way off there is the faintest of glows that you can only see late at night when it’s pitch black. I too have an LED compatible Leviton Decora dimmer, and am interested whether I can solve either of these issues. My dimmer also does ZWave so I can control it with the Harmony Hub that controls my home theatre equipment (and other lights, switches, and plugs). It’s possible this model doesn’t have the option you describe, but I’m interested in the solution, thanks for creating this thread!
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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