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At present I have a 1/2" collet extension on my Dewalt 625 fitted into my router table. I've found out about the Muscle Chuck and that the Eliminator RC Quick Change Chuck. Both were the same design by John DeRosa, he sold the patent.

A quick change chuck would make bit changing less of a hassle. I see there is an extended version of the Muscle Chuck? Obviously I bought the original 1/2" collet extension so could raise the router above the table.
In the UK I'm looking at the Eliminator RC 9720
Will this suit the router table fine, extending to right height etc?

Also when using my current standard 1/2" collet extension. I've read about, " Use rubber O-rings to help you position router bit shafts the right depth in the collet." Does one use O- rings as well in an Eliminator RC Quick Change Chuck? If so what is ID of O ring and wall thickness?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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