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ELU MOF 96-02 bits?

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Hi all, I have a ELU MOF 96-02, I know it's not brand new but it's a cracking machine.
I'd like to buy a set of collets for it but am having difficulty finding them.
I have only one collet (1/2") and would like to get a set so I can make use of my other bits,
which are 1/4" and 6mm.
Can anyone help with any info to guide me in the right direction please?.
Thank you
P/S Can anyone tell me the difference between the collets of the MOF 96 and the other ELU models, it all seems confusing to me.
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Hi George, ELU are not as well known to the US members and we in Oz....

Someone from UK or Europe may see your post, if your lucky....

PS. Looks similar to a Trend T5?
Thanks for your reply, I didn't notice that the site was so wide spread, it's good to get different views on subjects. Hopefully there's someone 'local' who might help.
Cheers George
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