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Elu MOF177/02 router

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I am new to the forum so " Hello". And a Merry Christmas.
I have just bought an Elu MOF 177/02 router. I was wondering if anyone could give me a run down of this type. I have seen that there are MOF177 type 1's to type 4's.How does the 02 model that i have fit in to the series? Are there manuals available for it? The parallel guide is missing and i was wondering how available they are on a discontinued model. When adjusting the speed the revs drop a little below the the final speed for a second then increase to what its set to - does this sound right or should i be looking into the router for issues? Does the heavy threaded bar just stop the springs and base from coming off or is there another purpose to it? And has anyone got any idea of the best way to get the height adjuster to work without either slipping or being too stiff to move?
Apologies for just launching into a series of questions, i feel rather rude, but I do hope someone can help me.
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Hello and welcome to the router forum. Arnold
Merry Christmas! Welcome to the forum Arnold. I'm not familar with this make or model but likely you'll get a response soon.
Welcome and hope you had a great Christmas. I googled a little bit and read even less but there is information on your Elu. It may have been bought by Dewalt? Here is a link for parts Spare parts for the Elu. Edge guide is part# 87. For your height adjustment issue try a good cleaning with a brush and some dry lube. Good luck.
Welcome to the forum Arnold.
Thank you very much for the warm welcome.
Marco - thanks for the link. I will check it out although I think that the parallel fences are quite expensive. I am mulling over making one rather than buying.
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