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First post from new member .
Having problems with my elu MOF 177e.
Been working perfectly and then just stopped .
Occasionally when I try the switch it will turn a half revolution and stop.
Any obvious common faults with these routers .
It is 24 years old but the build quality is far better than dewalt copies
I use at work.
These old routers are getting a bit thin on the ground here in the UK
and would like to keep it going if possible.

Many Thanks
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Welcome to the forum,Colinrow,sounds like a loose wire, switch or brushes.
Welcome N/A to the forums...
sounds like brushes...
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You have my vote for brushes...or dirty commutator...
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Bosch had an issue with their routers about 10 years ago with dust getting in the switch and preventing the contacts from making a good connection. If you have compressed air try blowing it out. Otherwise a broken wire or brushes as already mentioned.
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Welcome to the forum Colin. Sounds like good advice already given.
Thanks fot the help.
Now fixed , it was a dirty commutator.

Can anyone help with my next problem.
I also have an old elu mof 31 I want to mount in a table but I need
a converter nut so it takes standard elu /dewalt collets.
Anyone know if these are still available to purchase ?
That could be a bit tricky. I have an older DW 610 router that has a collet that looks like a Bosch WK series. Many newer DWs use the same collet as several Bosch routers and at least 3 Hitachi routers and there may be others. I've become convinced that most router makers outsource their collets so more than one maker may have used them. Some of my reasoning for this is what I've found on ebay and from Elaire company who specializes in collets. Try searching on both sites and I'd say that if they look to be identical then they most likely are. Try both the UK and US ebay sites as well as Elaire which you can find here:
Welcome to the forum Colin.
Ok I pinched the below passage from a post in 2008.I am inthe same position.
The below poster was able to resolve this problem as at the time dewalt did a conversion nut to allow standard elu/ dewalt collets to be used.
Obviously this was in the distant past When I google search for part,amazon shows it, but it is no longer available
Any one know where I can find one, I am UK based

I own a Elu mof 31 router(discontinued in the mid eighties) in good working condition, Which I want to use permanently table mount.
There is no nut and collet assembly on the router. Just a shaft with a fine 12mm tread. Drawings of the router suggest the machine did not come standard with a nut and collet assembly. Was the machine only ment for use with screwed on router bits, or is/was there a nut and collet that fits to this router? is the 12mm threading some kind of standard used on other (Elu)routers as well?
I hope someone here can help me further, because retailers cannot seem to be more specific than the original drawings, which do not give any answer on this.
kind regards,
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That is a very small shaft so this must be a trim router? My DW 610 is a small to mid sized router and it's shaft is around 18 or 19mm at least. I have a DW 611 trim router that is smaller and I'll measure it later to see what the diameter and thread pitch are on it. If it's the right diameter and pitch there's a chance that it might work. Someone else from the UK asked a question about what appears to be the UK version of that same router but it had a 5 digit model number instead of 611 like ours does. It started with either 26 or 29.
The 611 turned out to be 15mm so it`s too big.
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