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Elu OF97 E table mount

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wonder if someone could help me out. I’ve recently been give a Elu OF97E router and looking to table mount it onto a plate incorporating a lift.
I’ve done a lot of searching but only found Router Raizer which doesn’t seem to be compatible with the OF97E.

Can anyone help?

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Welcome to the forum.
G'day Martin. Welcome to the forum.

Sorry, can't help with that one. If you search the forum for 'router lift'. you may find something that will work..
Hi Martin,
I seem to remember that when DeWalt took over, they sold an almost identical model. Methinks you would have more joy if you could determine the DeWalt equivalent, and use that as the search term. I think some components are still interchangeable.

yeah, Dewalt brought out the 622k and the 621 which is equivalent. Router Raizer do a kit to fit the 621. Router Raizer kits are manufactured in the US. Being in the U.K. no one seems to supply them anymore since Covid causing the supply shortage.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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